Don Pablo Classic Italian Espresso




2 or 5LB bag

Dark Roast – Espresso is hard to get right – but with our Don Pablo Classic Italian Espresso blend, we think we’ve found the perfect balance. The secret is our time-tested Don Pablo family recipe, which combines a specialty blend of our smooth Colombian Supremo coffee with a bold Sumatra Mandheling. Combined with our special small-batch roasting techniques, this blend produces a deep, complex flavor that features a variety of tasting notes with almost no bitterness. You’ll experience a range of cocoa, dark chocolate, and mild earthy tones for a rich, complex cup with low acidity. The dark roast of this coffee fully caramelizes the sugars in the bean, giving it a bold flavor profile and full body with a smooth aftertaste. All in all, it’s a superb coffee for any method of preparation – but it truly shines when prepared in the classic Italian espresso style.

A full caramelization of the natural sugars in the bean give this Dark coffee an intense roastiness, while it still retains it’s full body character and smooth, pleasant aftertaste. 100% Arabica Coffee, GMO free.

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