Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso



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When you combine the classic roasting techniques of Italian espresso with the rich and vibrant flavor of South American coffee beans, you come away with something truly remarkable – and that’s exactly what Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso has to offer. This distinct coffee blends together premium Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Sumatra, and Brazil, producing a complex flavor profile that combines sweet notes of fruit and chocolate with a bold, dark-roasted undertone. The result is a smooth and well-balanced coffee with low acidity. This blend shines when prepared in the classic Italian style, producing a thick, golden crema and intense flavor – but it works just as well for a great drip brew coffee!

Rocco’s Story:

When my grandfather, Vito, crossed over from Italy to settle in Pennsylvania and raise a family, one of the first things he did was start growing his own grapes and making his own wine in the cellar. Vito was steeped in the traditions of old Italy, and he also relished the distinct coffee of the “Old Country” – when I close my eyes and think of it, I can still smell the vibrant aroma wafting from the espresso brewing on top of the stove. Now, after searching far and wide through the coffee growing regions of the world to find the perfect blend of 100% Arabica beans, I’ve recreated that experience, crafting the same delicious, rich, and full-bodied taste my grandfather used to love. One sip of Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso will transport you to an old house in the vine-covered hills of old Italy, as the bold aroma of espresso wafts through the winding steps and creaking wooden floors… SALUTE!

100% Arabica, Non GMO, Medium Roast.

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