CharBeanz Dark Roast Coffee – 2LB




Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Our CharBeanz DARK Coffee is not for the faint of heart. We give this coffee a Full City Roast, producing an intense cup that’s steeped in bold smoky flavors – but because we start with specialty grade beans, you won’t get any of the bitterness, acidity, or lingering bad aftertaste of inferior or burned beans.

It all starts with our special blend of the highest-quality Latin American Arabica coffee beans, sourced from some of the most prestigious coffee growing regions in the world and certified Organic by the USDA. From there, we fire the beans at a full 453º Fahrenheit, completely caramelizing the sugars for an unmatched boldness and massive roasted flavor. The result is a cup of coffee that’s intense, dark, and smokey, yet simultaneously smooth and tasty: the perfect dark roast coffee.

Full City Roast –100% Arabica Coffee, Non-GMO, Organic Certified By CCOF

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