Specialty Coffee Sampler Box



Whole Bean Coffee Gift Box

At Cafe Don Pablo, we’re proud to produce the finest Latin American coffees using age-old, traditional coffee farming methods – and if you’re looking for a great gift for a coffee lover, our coffee sampler boxes are perfect! We’ve combined some of our most popular coffees in 12 oz sampler bags, all packaged in a beautiful gift box with custom-printed graphics and info on each specialty coffee inside. Any coffee lover is sure to fall for these premium Latin coffees!

Best Sellers Gift Box

Featuring three of our best selling coffees: Don Pablo’s Signature Blend, Subtle Earth Organic, and Pablo’s Pride Honduran Dark Roast.

  • Signature Blend: This premium combination of Colombian, Guatemalan, and Semi-Washed Brazilian coffee beans produces a smooth, balanced coffee with notes of milk chocolate, cedar, and bright red ripe tomatoes. The coffee features a medium to full body with sweet acidity and a smooth, cocoa-toned finish.
  • Subtle Earth Organic: This deep, chocolatey full-bodied coffee is ideal for coffee drinkers who care about our planet. The premium beans are roasted medium-dark to bring out round notes of dark chocolate, combined with sweet milk chocolate, honey, and caramel, all with a clean finish and full body. This coffee is CCOF-certified organic and made using traditional farming methods with no chemical inputs.
  • Pablo’s Pride Honduran Dark Roast: This rich, full-bodied dark roast coffee offers a deep chocolatey flavor balanced by notes of honey, caramel, and cocoa. The roasting process fully caramelizes the coffee’s sugars, producing a rich and complex flavor palate, and the beans are certified organic by the CCOF.
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