Don Pablo at the United Nations

Date February 8, 2019

On December 4th 2018, we had the great privilege of being asked to serve Don Pablo Coffee to several hundred VIP guests at an event at the United Nations. That’s right, the UNITED NATIONS in New York City. The event was a screening of a new documentary film titled “A Call for Peace,” about the world’s leading peace negotiators and the stories surrounding the processes they were involved with, including the most recent one in Colombia. It was because of our deep ties to Colombia that Don Pablo Coffee was asked to participate, and it was with great excitement and gratitude that we accepted.

Brochure for the “A Call For Peace” UN event.
The Don Pablo advertisement in the event program.


So Darron and Eliana made the trip up to NYC for the appearance.  They also enlisted the help of Wendy Siskin, director of the Wellness In The Schools program based in New York City and a fan and friend of Don Pablo Coffee.  Wendy also has the unique ability to illuminate an entire room with only the power of her personality, so she was a natural choice to help Don Pablo make an impression.

Darron, Eliana and Wendy at the UN Event.
Wendy at the Don Pablo booth making an impression.
Wendy warming up the guests with her presence and some Don Pablo coffee.


The event went extremely well.  It was a very cold night so people were appreciative of the fresh, hot, always delicious Subtle Earth Organic coffee.  We had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, including the former President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

Santos speaking on the panel after the film.
Darron, Eliana, and former President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos.


It was quite an honor to participate in this event and we urge you to check out the trailer for the film here:

And of course, if you’d like to order some delicious Don Pablo coffee, you can do that here:

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo

Peace to you all and we’ll blog again soon!

Inside the UN Assembly room.
Beautiful skyline of Queens.