How To Pick The Right Coffee For Me

Date December 4, 2018

Small Batch Artisan Roasted Specialty Coffee

At Don Pablo Coffee, we are committed to offering the highest quality artisan roasted coffees to meet all your caffeine needs. Each bag of our superior coffee is made using only 100% gourmet Arabica beans for an exceptional taste, no matter the coffee strength, roast, or variation. We truly have something for everyone! There are so many different types of coffee, so let’s discover which one is right for you!

Coffee Roasts

There are a variety of different roasts, but the three main roasts are light, medium, and dark. Light roast coffees are higher in caffeine, so they produce a stronger cup with more acidity and a fuller body. Light roasts are perfect for those who need an extra kick from high caffeine content. Medium roasts are smooth and well balanced, with less caffeine than light roasts, but more than dark roasts. They make a great cup for every morning, and are commonly called breakfast blend, regular blend, or house blend. Finally, dark roasts are the least caffeinated, with low acidity and more oil on the bean. Dark roasts retain less of the origin flavors of the bean due to the longer roasting process, which gives them a more toasted flavor.

Coffee Strengths

If you like your coffee strong and highly caffeinated, choose a lighter, milder roast. If you prefer a mellow, well-balanced taste, medium roasts are the perfect in-between. And if you want less caffeine and a more rich, roasted taste, dark blends are for you. Keep in mind that while the roast does affect the caffeine content and the flavor to a degree, it is the brewing process that determines how bold the coffee will taste in your cup. More grounds and less water will give a strong, more bitter taste, while decreasing the grounds will provide a smoother cup. When it comes to coffee strength preferences, the brewing method matters more than the coffee bean itself.

Coffee Tastes

Of course, in addition to the differing roasts and strengths, there are many different flavors of coffee, from those ranging on the nutty side, to the more citrus and fruity. Flavor is influenced by many factors including but not limited to where and how the plant is grown, the harvesting of the beans, roasting, packaging and brewing. To find your perfect flavor preference, first determine whether you like to taste notes of fruit like berry or citrus, or if you prefer a chocolate, nut, or more earthy undertone in your coffee. Then, sample coffees from different regions and of varying types, and ask a coffee expert like your barista for tips on the flavor profiles of each coffee.

Find Your Perfect Coffee With Don Pablo!

Whether you prefer a bold, strong cup with high caffeine, or a more mild, mellow roast, Don Pablo has the coffee for you! With wholesale options and small batch Artisan roasted blends, the offerings at Don Pablo are a favorite of many – from coffee lovers to cafe owners. Browse our selection of specialty coffees today and start sipping your perfect, most delicious cup!