Don Pablo Panama Gesha Specialty Coffee

Sweet, rich, and bright with notes of floral, apricot, and a vibrant cognac-toned taste. Crisp finish with a lingering note of sweet stone fruit and balanced acidity.

Extremely rare Panama Gesha grown on one of the most undisturbed coffee farms inside Baru Volcano National Park. The rich young volcanic soil and low temperatures create a unique coffee that’s distinguished in each cup. Only a certain amount can be grown each year, making this coffee remarkably exclusive.

Conservation Practices
The virgin forest reserve is a bird and exotic mammals’ sanctuary. The rich biodiversity is well cared for by the Nögbe natives. They've planted several species of native trees that feed the birds in the coffee plantation.

Some urge you to enjoy it by itself, but pairs well with berry-based desserts and nut-based treats.

12 oz Bag

100% Arabica Coffee, GMO free

Please note: This Specialty Coffee is roasted to order and may take a few days to ship.

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