Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee – (12 oz)




Note: Whole Bean recommended for optimal flavor

Coffee soaked in fine Kentucky Bourbon, then roasted to remove the alcohol, so only the Bourbon flavor remains…

Our Organic Specialty Grade coffee is soaked in fine Kentucky Bourbon before it’s roasted, until the beans absorb every drop. It is dried, then roasted to perfection golden blonde in small batches, when the natural sugars of the beans and the Bourbon are caramelized just right. The result is an intense and full bodied coffee with Bourbon flavor notes of caramel, honey and butterscotch. The marriage of these natural flavors is a fine balance of sweet and spice, fruitiness and nuttiness, partially derived from the Bourbon’s maturation in seasoned oak casks. The Coffee’s natural cocoa-toned finish is very smooth and velvet-like with a lasting residual sweetness that calls for another sip.

A one of a kind coffee…
This item is in a category of its own. As soon as you open the package, the sweet powerful aroma of Bourbon may give you a hint that this is not an everyday coffee. It is not conventionally flavored coffee, which is made with chemical flavoring, and it is not “Bourbon Barrel Aged” coffee, rather the coffee beans are actually soaked in Kentucky Bourbon for several days, then dried and roasted Golden Blond to perfection. The resulting taste is a perfect balance of Bourbon and coffee flavors, without the alcohol. This is a very unique coffee for after dinner, special occasions, and gift giving.

Note: The roast is Golden Blond in temperature, giving the outside a glossy, deep brown color, but the liquid Bourbon locked inside the bean during roasting, prevents the over-caramelization of the natural sugars in the coffee so the color is bright gold when ground. The resulting taste is a perfect balance of Bourbon and coffee flavors.

One 12 ounce bag of Bourbon Infused Coffee is packed into a collectable foil lined tube.

Makes a great gift!

Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee is freshly roasted to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Bourbon Coffee:

Traditional Drip Machine: Add two level measuring tablespoons of finely ground coffee (fine granular sand, not yet a powder) to each six ounce cup of water.

Hand Drip Method: Add 2 level measuring tablespoons of medium-fine ground coffee to each six ounce cup of water. Heat water to 190-195 F (88-90.5 C) degrees, pre-soak grounds, slowly add water in a clockwise motion. Adjust to taste.

French Press: Add 2 level measuring tablespoons of coarse ground coffee per six ounce cup of water and adjust to taste. Water temperature should be between 190-195 F (88-90.5 C) degrees. Never add boiling water.

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