Best Water Temperature for Brewing Coffee

Best Water Temperature for Brewing Coffee

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Making a cup of coffee takes two ingredients, Coffee and Water. Achieving a delicious cup is all about balancing the ratio of coffee to water, and the least considered component is the temperature of water you’re using to brew. This is an essential part of brewing, and we’d like to help you adjust if needed to achieve the best cup.

How does water temperature affect coffee?

Have you ever been to a diner and received a scalding cup of coffee only to wait and realize it’s a flavorless cup of darkness that needs lots of cream and sugar to make it palatable? Well, I’ve been there, and the cup stays on the counter untouched. There are two reasons to dislike the average diner's coffee: one, it's usually robusta coffee, which is much lower in quality than Arabica, and two, the water temperature is intentionally too high, which masks the acidity and flavor of the beans.

When boiling water is introduced to coffee grounds, the extraction of acids, oils, and caffeine is much quicker, and it’s harder to control the extraction rate as the water temperature increases. Each compound has a different impact on the flavor of your cup. Higher temperatures lead to over-extraction, making coffee taste bitter and astringent. When the water temperature is too low or you under-extracted it, coffee will lack body and doesn’t possess the sweetness it should. The exception here is cold brew which is made with room-temperature water. By extending the brewing time, you can compensate for the temperature difference.

What Is the perfect temperature for brewing? 

According to Don Pablo, 195˚F or 90˚C is the perfect brewing temperature. Much above 195˚F or below 185˚F, and coffee loses a lot of flavor. The ideal temperature for all brewing methods is well below boiling. We recommend investing in a gooseneck kettle with a temperature gauge for easy and precise brewing if you prefer the Pour Over, Aeropress, or French press method.

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This may seem extreme but having a thermometer or temperature-controlled gooseneck kettle makes all the difference when brewing your morning cup. Helping you achieve the most incredible cup of coffee is our goal, and don’t forget, the most crucial factor is beans! We roast when you order it, so you receive the best-tasting low-acid coffee. Check out our coffees today and start your day off right.

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