Why You Shouldn't Keep Coffee In The Freezer

Don Pablo Coffee

Did you know storing your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator can reduce its flavor? Moisture is coffee’s worst enemy, and the temperature change when rapidly cooling causes a build-up of condensation.

It’s best to store coffee like spices rather than fruits and veggies, so keeping it in a dry, cool place like your pantry is recommended. Buying the right amount of coffee for your household needs is equally important because coffee loses its freshness over time. For the freshest experience, buy what you need every 30 days.

Your Don Pablo Coffee is roasted when you order it and packed in a reusable bag that’s perfect for keeping it fresh for longer. If you have a favorite container, make sure it’s air-tight because exposure to air oxidizes the beans. The front of your bag is equipped with a one-way valve that allows the natural gases produced by the coffee to escape without oxygen getting back in. Coffee absorbs odor, moisture, and taste, so ensure the top is sealed afterward.

One more bonus tip to getting the freshest cup possible, grind your coffee right before brewing it. It has a delectable scent, and the best flavors and aromas will be in your mug.