Don Pablo Hot Cocoa
Don Pablo Hot Cocoa
Don Pablo Hot Cocoa

Don Pablo Hot Cocoa

Treat Yourself to Irresistibly Smooth and Rich Hot Cocoa

With Don Pablo Hot Cocoa, indulge yourself with a gourmet chocolate beverage that has an extraordinary flavor and exquisite aroma. Sourced only from the finest ingredients and inspired by old-fashion hot chocolate, this is the best delicacy for true chocolate lovers. Some things are just better the way they were, so we are bringing back our childhood favorites. This nostalgic premium hot cocoa is a great American classic and a wonderful treat for everyone. It only takes a moment to prepare a delightful drink that melts in your mouth. Add 6 oz of hot water or milk and completely dissolve the hot cocoa packet into your cup. This makes a wonderful gift for friends, family, and coworkers. It is also the perfect addition to reception areas and staff rooms. Please store on a dry shelf and at room temperature. Our delicious hot cocoa is a delightful way to warm up in the morning or at the end of the day. Share Don Pablo Hot Cocoa with the ones you love!

  • 12 Single Serve Packets of Don Pablo’s Rich Hot Cocoa
  • Premium Quality Chocolate and Real Non-Fat Milk
  • Less Sugar than the National Brands
  • 3.3mg of caffeine per serving


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