Five Myths about Decaf Coffee

Five Myths about Decaf Coffee

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If you think about it, decaf coffee drinkers are the truest coffee drinkers out there. Why? Because they're in it solely for the flavor and not the buzz of caffeine content. For those needing to switch to decaf or a half-caf, we want you to know that “Death Before Decaf” is an outdated phrase, and you don’t need to settle for less than great-tasting coffee with our decafs. There’s much misinformation regarding decaf coffee, and we’d like to address some of it now.

Let’s debunk five myths about Decaf Coffee. 

1. Decaf Coffee Taste Weird

This isn’t true with Swiss Water Processed Decaf Coffee. Unlike traditional methods that use harsh chemicals, the Swiss Water method only uses water which preserves the coffee's natural flavors. When we small-batch roast, you taste all the delicious notes that our regular coffee has. There’s no compromise there :)

2. Decaf Has Harmful Chemicals

While this is true for most decafs, it isn’t true for ours. The decaf process we use contains only water and relies on time to decaffeinate. The unroasted coffee beans are soaked in pure water for a very long time, and the caffeine concentration is monitored until it reaches 99.9% decaffeination. Most companies use Methylene Chloride in the decaffeination process, which is an active ingredient in paint thinner. Other decaf coffees are labeled "naturally" decaffeinated because they are processed with Ethyl Acetate, which is derived from sugar cane, but it is still a harsh chemical solvent.  Our decaf is 100% Solvent-free and Chemical-free.

3. Decaf Still Has a Significant Amount of Caffeine 

It’s true that there are trace amounts of caffeine left, but it’s not enough to keep you up all night or leave you with a jittery feeling. Our decaf coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free. There isn’t a way to remove all caffeine content from the bean, but our decaf is pretty close!

4. The Health Benefits Of Coffee Comes From The Caffeine 

Polyphenols are the known antioxidants in coffee and can neutralize the body's free radicals. According to medical journals, it protects against cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, diabetes, and osteoporosis. The antioxidants within coffee are still present in decaf, and some would argue that the benefits are more substantial when the caffeine is removed. 

5. You Don’t Have Options with Decaf

This isn’t true! We offer two options all the time with distinct flavor notes and low acidity. Subtle Earth Organic Decaf is an excellent coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel, and honey, whereas Colombian Decaf is an exceptional coffee with notes of chocolate and citrus. These two options are absolutely delicious, and some love them more than the regular caffeinated coffees from the same region. Blind taste test coming soon :)

There’s no need to give up the delicious coffee you crave! Just make a switch to Subtle Earth Organic Decaf or our Colombian Decaf to experience the best flavors. If you’re still not convinced and need more information, please reach out to us, and we’d be happy to chat with you.

Subtle Earth Organic Decaf and Colombian Decaf. Both Delicious and available for you!

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