Don Pablo Coffee

Coffee can be a great way to give your body that extra boost it needs to get through these long summer days. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably be drinking coffee anyways, so why not try some of our favorite refreshing summer coffee drinks! 🤠 



A great way to cool down this summer is with ice cream, so what could be better than ice cream in your coffee!


Once you have your cold brew coffee, place 2-3 scoops of ice cream into a glass and then fill the rest of the glass with your coffee. This is a great after-dinner coffee drink that gives you a little bit of dessert mixed with your coffee.


It’s hard to go wrong with your basic iced coffee. This incredible coffee drink is super simple to make, and if you’re a coffee drinker, you may already have all the ingredients.

  • Brewed coffee (this can be from your Keurig, an automatic coffee pot, a pour-over or any other method you prefer)
  • Cup with ice
  • Extras (sugar, simple syrup, flavored syrups, cream, milk, etc.)

Let your fresh brewed coffee cool. You can either let it sit out until it reaches room temperature or put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Fill a glass with ice, and pour the cooled coffee over it. (If you impatiently pour hot coffee over ice, you just get weak, lukewarm coffee.) Add any of your preferred extras, like cream and sugar. 

Extra tip: Freeze some of your brewed coffee in ice cube trays. Next time you make an iced coffee that you want to keep cold without watering it down so much, drop some in. 

It's really that easy. Now go enjoy them for the rest of the summer! ☀️


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