Wood Fire Roasted Brazil Kaparao
Wood Fire Roasted Brazil Kaparao
Wood Fire Roasted Brazil Kaparao

Wood Fire Roasted Brazil Kaparao

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We invite you to taste the history of Portugal through our new limited-edition coffee.

A Flor da Selva is a small-scale family-owned coffee roasting company located in Lisbon, where tradition has been preserved from the date of its creation. Roasting their coffee with locally sourced cork wood creates a unique experience with each cup. After trying it ourselves, we wanted to share it with you.

Brazil Kaparao

Brazil Kaparao possesses a smooth, mildly sweet acidity with notes of bittersweet chocolate and a satin mouthfeel. There’s an everlasting flavor with a smokey yet citrus finish. This Brazilian specialty coffee is lower in acidity than any other single-origin Brazilian coffee ever experienced before.

History of Brazil and Portugal 

In the 1500s, a fleet of Portuguese explorers settled in Brazil and began to cultivate the lands. With close ties to Africa, the Portuguese introduced the first coffee plant to Brazil in the 1700s for domestic consumption. With an ever-growing demand from the Americas and Europe, coffee production became a big business, and today Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee. Now Brazil produces 80 percent of the world’s coffee supply. 

Did you know

Coffee originated in Ethiopia, and the Portuguese were known for their early achievements in navigation. Portugal’s success in exploration and trade is the reason why we have exceptional coffee in Latin America today. We at Don Pablo Coffee are grateful to go back to the source of where it all started and provide our customers with a taste of history that you can’t find anywhere else.

1 Lb Bag- Whole Bean Only


Brazil Kaparao
800-1200 M

Wood Fire Roasted