Wood Fire Roasted Sao Tomé Coffee
Wood Fire Roasted Sao Tomé Coffee
Wood Fire Roasted Sao Tomé Coffee

Wood Fire Roasted Sao Tomé Coffee

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Very Limited Quantities- only 45 bags available

We invite you to taste the history of Portugal through our new limited-edition coffee.

A Flor da Selva is a small-scale family-owned coffee roasting company located in Lisbon, where tradition has been preserved from the date of its creation. Roasting their coffee with locally sourced cork wood creates a unique experience with each cup. After trying it ourselves, we wanted to share it with you.

Sao Tomé Coffee 

Sao Tome is a very smooth, well-balanced coffee with an outstanding medium-body flavor. The slow roasting process creates a subtle smokiness with notes of woodiness and a lingering floral undertone. This is a very unique coffee and easy to enjoy!

History of Sao Tome and Príncipe

Sao Tome is a small but very fertile tropical island off the coast of Africa. In the 1400’s early Portuguese explorers discovered the island and utilized it as a base to trade with the mainland. The first settlers realized the excellent volcanic soil was perfect for agricultural expansion, which was sugarcane early on. In the early 19th century, they introduced coffee and cacao to the island. Today, Sao Tomé is known for producing some of the finest cacao, coffees and is known as Africa’s “Heaven on Earth,” according to CNN travel. The majority of the coffee grown in Sao Tomé is the Robusta variety. Still, small micro-lot farmers are producing exceptional Arabica coffee on the island, which we are providing in our limited release.

Did you know

Coffee originated in Ethiopia, and the Portuguese were known for their early achievements in navigation. Portugal’s success in exploration and trade is the reason why we have exceptional coffee in Latin America today. We at Don Pablo Coffee are grateful to go back to the source of where it all started and provide our customers with a taste of history that you can’t find anywhere else.

1 Lb Bag- Whole Bean Only


ALTITUDE670-1200 M

Wood Fire Roasted