Coffee Recipes for the 4th of July!

Don Pablo Coffee
The Fourth of July holiday might bring to mind long days at the beach, fireworks, and flipping hamburger patties on the grill. But don’t forget to include your favorite drink in the celebration! With our favorite Independence Day coffee recipes you’ll be celebrating in true coffee-lover style before you know it!


AFFOGATO by Don Pablo Coffee
AKA The Perfect Ice Cream and Coffee Combo
The Italian Affogato is a beautifully delicious dessert and will be the easiest thing you make this Independence Day! This sweet treat only requires two ingredients - vanilla ice cream and Don Pablo Coffee Espresso. Add one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a glass or bowl and pour over a shot of espresso. 
  • Optional: Caramel drizzle on top!
Coffee Cupcakes recipe by Don Pablo coffee
Yes! You read that right!!
Get festive and creative when baking cupcakes by adding a cup of brewed Don Pablo coffee (Cold Brew Recipe) to your wet mixture before mixing all the ingredients. We recommend using a dark roast so the coffee flavor remains as strong as possible through the baking process. 
  • Optional: Grab some red, white, and blue frosting, and you have perfectly themed delicious cupcakes!
Irish Coffee Cocktail by Don Pablo Coffee
...The Boozy Option
If you’re looking for something a little stronger (and we’re not talking about the type of roast!), try this well-known whiskey and coffee combination. This iconic cocktail recipe varies depending on taste but generally calls for 4 parts freshly brewed coffee; 1-2 parts whiskey of your choice; 1 part heavy cream; and a teaspoon full of brown sugar. Don Pablo Coffee offers beautiful roasts that pair well with whiskey.
coffee smoothie recipe
Last but certainly not least, the healthy option!
So, you already had a double cheeseburger, potato salad, ice cream, cupcakes and smores— yet somehow, you’re still hungry. You’re also tired and you can’t imagine eating anymore junk food. Well, here’s the perfect recipe to wake you up. Try a coffee smoothie with your choice of milk, half a banana, some nut butter, vanilla extract, ice and, of course, your favorite brewed Don Pablo coffee. Blend it all together and you have a healthy snack that will keep you going into the night!
We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!